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Since 1912, The Yost Theater has seen more than her far share of history -- from her days as a movie house during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, to famous actors meeting their fateful ends in the dressing rooms, to the makeshift prison cells in the basement. Sometimes late at night when the doors are closed and all the crowds have gone home, you can still hear the reminders of a century's sordid past.

The Yost is the oldest Theater in Orange County and is currently registered as a Historic Landmark. Built for the booming Vaudeville movement in 1912, The Yost was first named The Auditorium only to be renamed The Clunes that same year. It wasn't until Ed Yost purchased the theater in 1919 that she acquired the name The Yost Theater.

During the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, owner Louie Olivos Jr. brought talent of Mexican cinema to The Yost including Antonio Aguilar, and Vicente Fernández. Later in the 1970s, Olivos had celebrities such as Ike and Tina Turner and Sonny and Cher perform at The Yost.

The Yost sets aside a significant percentage of profits from its operations to subsidize cultural and entrepreneurial based education programs for teens in Santa Ana.

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