Crosby ( The Crosby )

400 N Broadway, Santa Ana, CA
(714) 543-3543?
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THE CROSBY | A VIEW OF THE KITCHEN from Phil Nisco on Vimeo.

The Crosby is a restaurant slash bookstore located right in the heart of “Downtown Orange County”.

Our goal was to include everything we know and love under one roof. Head Chef Aron Habiger has created some of the finest gourmet pizza your mouth has ever opened for. The full kitchen runs strong until 1:30am, for the time when your nocturnal hunger forces take over. We’re here to give you owls a place to perch.

We have book. We have music. We have art. We have food aaaand we have the drinks. We’re trying to bring something a little different, while keeping it comfortable for everyone. A welcoming atmosphere with an open mind. Text borrowed from :

Hours :

Monday : 5pm - 2am
Tuesday : 5pm - 2am
Wednesday : 5pm - 2am
Thursday : 5pm - 2am
Friday : 5pm - 2am
Saturday : 5pm - 2am
Sunday : closed

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