Tessman Planetarium

1530 West 17th Street, M-100, Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 564 6356
Website : https://www.sac.edu/faculty_staff/academic_progs/math/planetarium/
Email : [email protected]

Tessmann Planetarium introductory astronomy programming stresses the K-12 State of California Science Content Standards. Each of our one-hour shows take students and adults on a trip through the Solar System and beyond. The principles associated with the scientific method, gravity and the development of our nearest star, the Sun, are stressed through highly interactive discussions coupled with engaging question and answer sessions.

Hours :

Monday : By Appointment
Tuesday : By Appointment
Wednesday : By Appointment
Thursday : By Appointment
Friday : By Appointment
Saturday : Inquire
Sunday : Inquire

Information and photos provided by : https://www.sac.edu/faculty_staff/academic_progs/math/planetarium/