Episcopal Church of the Messiah

614 North Bush Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 543-9389
Website : https://messiah-santaana.org/home.html
Email : [email protected]

The Episcopal Church of the Messiah is a dynamic center of Christian worship that provides pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and support for the needy, as well as fostering the growth of enduring relationships by promoting love and compassion among people. Messiah is an urban church, rich in traditional values. They are proud of our multi-ethnic, diverse congregation. The Church's answer to urban problems is not to insulate itself from them, but rather to open its doors wider to serve the community as fully as possible. Over the years they have shared their facilities with thousands of people through community programs such as the well-known St. Joseph Ballet Company. Currently, Catholic Worker feeds the hungry on their patio every Wednesday and Friday. The fall of 1997 marked the beginning of the Noah Project at Messiah -- a neighborhood learning center which provides students in grades seven through twelve with after-school homework help, one-on-one tutoring, special classes, and enrichment activities in a safe environment. Special emphasis is given to improving basic reading and math skills and overall English language proficiency. In February of 2000, Messiah, in conjunction with the Sisters of St. Joseph, opened Hands Together, a child development center for the working poor. Messiah is a church that welcomes people with open arms and embraces them with sincerity and warmth. Encouraging all newcomers to become involved, active members of our church community.

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