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CSA is a philanthropic organization mainly focused on quality flamenco instruction; additionally offering flamenco workshops improving people's lifes through self-development for children, youth and adults.

CSA | FCA was founded in 2000 by Claudia de la Cruz to provide art instruction in the Santa Ana Artists Village Community. After dramatic growth, the CSA settled into a permanent home at Santa Ana Arts District.

Cultural Stage of Art | Foro Cultural de las Artes Objectives Plan charts a course for future growth which emphasizes flamenco and art as a shared experience, guided by the following beliefs:

Art learning is lifelong; from early childhood through the senior years; Family participation enhances each individual family member's art learning; and Ensemble participation develop friendships and art skills.

Through out all of the above programs and objectives will involve the parents in assisting their children with practice and assignments.


The flamenco program consists of seven separated classes: Baile Flamenco: Recreational Flamenco, Introduction to Flamenco, Flamenco Beginners, Flamenco Intermediate, Flamenco Advance, Acompañamiento Flamenco: Palmas, Compás and Castanets, Ritmos Flamencos: Music, Singing and Jaleos.

Students in "Baile Flamenco" programs further develop awareness of the techniques learned at the beginning level. Exploring and experiencing in this dance "Baile", rhythms, style, movements, sophisticated patterns and Palos (rhythms). This classes are an in depth study of technique that includes posture, turns, footwork, and braceo (arms movements), structure, and choreography. Students in "Acompañamiento Flamenco" program: Started from scratch for beautiful hand and arm movements, rhythmical clapping, developing a deep comprehension of the importance of understand the music and dance with this elements. Students in "Ritmos Flamencos" program: learn the story of flamenco, their rhythms and meanings, singing "cante", guitar and "cajon" playing, a wooden box played like a drum.

The students not only receive instruction but also perform in cultural events and they have the opportunity to participate under Claudia de la Cruz and her Tierra Flamenca Dance Company and Tierrita Flamenca Dance Company professionally and/or as volunteers for the Santa Ana community special events. The art and theater programs are offered as workshops every summer and winter season.

Also supporting an alternative space for art lectures, film screenings, performing arts, workshops and more creative activities.

All programs are presently serving low income, at children from 3 years old and risk adolescents from deprived families who have limited or no opportunities to receive dance, music and art education instruction, due to the limited family budgets, geographic location, lack of facilities, and/or language barriers.

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