324 W. 4th St. #B Santa Ana, CA 92701 (West End Theater @ 4th & Birch)
(714) 662-2002

Calacas' goal is bringing together the artesania and cultura of our heritage while keeping the traditions alive. We promote our culture through products made from the hands of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, as well as products from rising artists and business people of southern Cali. Come on in and check out our walls lined with local art and artesanias!

Hours :

Monday : 10am - 6pm
Tuesday : 10am - 6pm
Wednesday : 10am - 6pm
Thursday : 10am - 6pm
Friday : 10am - 6pm
Saturday : 10am - 6pm
Sunday : Open Sundays during Christmas season, 11am - 5pm

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