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Tessmann Planetarium
Planetarium Director: Dr. Stephen Eastmond
Planetarium Location: M-100
Planetarium Reservations: (714) 564 6356

Program Director: Mr. Donald R. Prescott

Tessmann Planetarium introductory astronomy programming stresses the K-12 State of California Science Content Standards. Each of our one-hour shows take students and adults on a trip through the Solar System and beyond. The principles associated with the scientific method, gravity and the development of our nearest star, the Sun, are stressed through highly interactive discussions coupled with engaging question and answer sessions. For more information about our programming, click here.

A special effort is being made to raise funds to provide an endowment for the Planetarium and the new, interactive Space Education Center on the Santa Ana College Campus. Your help is needed. Go to our Friends of the Planetarium page for more information, or please call Peter Bostic at 564-6091.
Tessman Planetarium Website

Current Exhibits

Tessmann Planetarium

Join us in the largest operating planetarium in Orange County to explore the mysteries of the Universe under our dome. School and Community Shows presented at the Santa Ana College Campus. (Click here for more about our shows?)

Only $3.00 per seat! Space is limited, reservations required!

Call for scheduled weekday show dates or to arrange special presentations for your group of 50 or more, subject to facility and presenter availability. Selected dates are available from September through May. Also, ask about our special Summer programs.

For Reservations and Information, call the Planetarium at (714) 564-6356 on Tuesday and Thursday between 10 AM and 1 PM Or leave a message. We do return your calls!

Tessmann Planetarium programming is designed to be interactive and engage people in the wonders of astronomy. Here, briefly, are what our shows offer:
"A Tour of the Solar System"
Dr. Eastmond, our Planetarium Director, presents an engaging introduction of physical concepts used in astronomy. Describing the sky on our thirty-three foot dome, participants are taken on a tour of our Solar System where we discover how rare the conditions are on our planet.

"Where are you?"
Lift off with Sheryl D. Johnson as she leads your students on an age specific adventure forming a backbone for their astronomy studies, reinforced with the latest images and information from the forefront of space science. Students will explore the current night sky and travel across the magnificent reality of our Solar System and Galaxy, discovering their own unique place and address in our universe.

"How far is up?"
Mr. Prescott introduces the scientific method while taking you on a journey from the center of the Earth to the edge of the Universe in search of the answer to a simple question, “How far is up?” You will participate in finding answers while you visit each of the planets of the Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy and, ultimately, the limits of what we can see in our Universe.

As Plutarch once said, "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited." At the Tessmann Planetarium, the right tools at the right time bring ideas and minds together. We strive to ignite minds with the wonder of astronomy... to be a Pathway to the Stars.