Saint Joseph Ballet

1810 North Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 541-8314

Since 1983, Saint Joseph Ballet has been changing lives. By integrating year-round dance training with academic assistance and family services, Saint Joseph Ballet offers a creative alternative to youth who might otherwise fall victim to destructive behaviors such as taking drugs or joining a gang. Youth who participate in Saint Joseph Ballet’s programs gain self-confidence, improve their grades and acquire skills that help them graduate from high school and attend college at a significantly higher rate than their peers nationally.

Located in Santa Ana, California, a city that leads the nation in urban hardship, many of the 400 students who attend Saint Joseph Ballet each year live with parents who work two or more jobs, and share a small one or two bedroom apartment with other relatives or families.  For parents struggling with the pressures imposed by poverty, it can be difficult to provide the time and resources their children need to achieve successful and productive lives.  That’s where Saint Joseph Ballet comes in. Through the generous charitable contributions of individuals, corporations and foundations, students receive much needed programs and support.  Nearly all students participate free of charge.